Men are living their self abiding lives for their own joy, and they expect women to join with them. But 4 women are trying to resist this situation in an ordinary day. 
Published on the streaming service BluTv in 2022.
I was the Director of Photographer and Cinematographer in this project.
The project officially selected to Two Cliff Film Festival in the same year it's premiered.

Writer & Director
Umur Dagli

Cagil Tekten
Simge Gedizlioğlu
Derya Günaydın
Ayse Gulerman
Batikan Olcucu
Baris Gocen
Gurkan Cevizci 

Umur Dagli 

Executice Producer
Suat Can Senel 

First Assistant Director
Dilan Salkaya 

Director of Photography
Özgür Kalender 

First Assistant DOP
Ömer Kılıç

Second Assistant DOP
Ali Yücel Yağcı

Art Director
Koray Ozbal 

Umur Dagli 

Set Coordinator
Utku Dagli 

Sound Designer
Oğuz Kabasakal 

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