Duane Michals is an American photographer renowned for his unique and innovative approach to photography. He is known for his use of sequences of images and handwritten text to tell compelling visual stories. Michals' work often explores themes of identity, mortality, and the human experience, resulting in evocative and thought-provoking imagery. His artistic style blurs the lines between photography and storytelling, creating a lasting impact on the world of contemporary photography.
Inspired by Duane Michals, I explore the beauty of the ordinary through my photography, aiming to evoke emotions and forge connections with my art, much like he does. His unique approach has deeply influenced my creative vision, allowing me to tell visual stories that capture the essence of everyday life and resonate with viewers on a profound level.
These photographs are taken with Canon AV1 with Ilford FP4 film. I washed the films, and printed out myself on the scale of 20×30 cm.

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