In the bustling modern world, an ordinary rubber duck named Rubby found himself living an extraordinary adventure.
From his perspective, every human, animal, and structure seemed immense compared to his tiny size. 

An interactive, immersive, click and point, hand-drawn, visual novel video game called Rubby the Duck.
Created under the indie game studio, This is Freaking Fantastic, coming soon to Steam and Epic Games.

I am the Co-Writer, Narrative Designer and Game Director of this project.

It is coming out in Q1 of 2024 for Steam, and soon you'll be able to play on more platforms.

Oğuz Kabasakal
Özgür Kalender
Narrative Design
Özgür Kalender
Game Director
Özgür Kalender
Sinan Gürsel
Oğuz Kabasakal
Mika Wagner
You can watch Rubby the Duck Animation Test and Making of the Sewer Scene videos.

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