Game Development & Narrative Design

I am creating stories and turning them into games. I founded a little indie game company called "This is Freaking Fantastic" and you will hear and test our games on Steam and other digital platforms soon.

About Farewell
Remember those times when saying goodbye felt like a punch to the gut? Grief is one of the hardest things to deal with in this life. Imagine navigating those complex emotions through tough choices, each one shaping your story in unpredictable ways. That's the core of "About Farewell" – a game where every click matters, and every path leads to a unique farewell.
This project is super special to me. It's been brewing in my mind for ages, and I'm finally ready to unleash it on the world! And guess what? I'm doing it solo under my own banner: This is Freaking Fantastic. Yep, buckle up, folks, we're going on an indie adventure, and you're all invited!
Currently, on Production Era.
She Got Sunshine in Her Pocket
An Interactive, Casual, Story-rich, Adventure, Pixel Art, RPG Game.
It's like time stopped around 1890. The past and imagination come together excitingly. Jane has lived in an orphanage her whole life. Her parents left her when she was only a year old, which made her feel unloved and lonely.
Currently, on Pre-Production Era.
Thank You, No More, Goodbye.
Casual, Story-rich, Cozy, Bittersweet, Dramatic, Pixel Art RPG Game.
This is a story about a man named Alex, who suffered a lot with abused -ships, relationships, friendships and all those ships. With all that, it's funny that he grow up on actual ships.
Currently, on Pre-Production Era.
Lorapetalum Hotel
An Interactive, Story-rich, Pixel Art, Cozy RPG Game.
Loropetalum Hotel is an exciting adventure game with beautiful visuals. It takes place in a mix of a Miyazaki-style steampunk world and a spooky but charming nightmare hotel. In the game, you help a young witch find her husband after she gets stuck in a strange nightmare.
Currently, on Pre-Production Era.
Turkish Podcast called "Couple of Nerd Boomers". Published its first episode in 2022 and still having fantastic new episodes every Tuesday morning.
2022 - 2023 (2 Seasons)
Rubby the Duck
An interactive, immersive, click and point, hand-drawn, visual novel video game about a sweet Rubber Duck called Rubby.
This project is currently postponed till further announce.
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