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Loropetalum Hotel is an exciting adventure game with beautiful visuals. It takes place in a mix of a Miyazaki-style steampunk world and a spooky but charming nightmare hotel. In the game, you help a young witch find her husband after she gets stuck in a strange nightmare. Together, they explore a mysterious hotel filled with eerie rooms, solve puzzles, face challenges, and fight strange boss characters to escape this weird dream world. The game combines horror, fantasy, and a cute charm to create a unique and immersive experience. The characters work together to progress through the game, and sometimes you need to convinced someone to strategically overcome obstacles. The game's atmosphere blends the dark and creepy with an intriguing allure, making it captivating for players. 
Written by
İnci Asal
Özgür Kalender
In Development by
Özgür Kalender
Art by
Özgür Kalender

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