Where reality meets imagination, I explore captivating visual tales through the lens. Check my journey to new worlds, where each frame whispers untold stories waiting to be discovered.

Reversed Visions
Half-Frame Camera Experience
A half-frame film camera is a type of film camera that captures images on half the standard frame size.
These photographs were exhibited in 2020.
Scarlet Visions
A Red Scale Film Photography Experience
Red scale film photography is an artistic and experimental technique where the film is loaded into the camera upside down, exposing the backside of the film to light.
These photographs were exhibited in 2020.
Spectral Visions
Homemade Pinhole Camera with Cross Process Developing Experiences
Cross-processing is a film development technique where a film intended for one type of chemical processing is developed using different chemicals meant for another film type.
These photographs were exhibited in 2020.
Analogue Soup
35 mm films dunk into different recipes before development progress.
Analogue soup film photography involves immersing film in unconventional mixtures or solutions, producing unique visual effects and artistic results.
These photographs were exhibited in 2020.
Dark Times
Collage Art with My Photographs.
In my collage art, I used only the photos I took and try to show how powerful individuals, religions, and concrete institutions can manipulate and use people.
First published in 2015.
Natural Forms
Edward Weston inspired Photographs.
I was inspired by Edward Weston a lot, and I explore the beauty of the ordinary through photography, seeking to evoke emotion and connection with my art like him.
First published in 2011.
Narrative Sequences
Duane Michals inspired Photographs.
nspired by Duane Michals, I explore the beauty of the ordinary through my photography, aiming to evoke emotions and forge connections with my art, much like he does.
First published in 2010.
Sea and Human
Collage Art, I created with the photos I took and unknown images online.
Through my collage art, I explore the connection between people and the sea, and the harmony that exists between us and sea animals.
First published in 2016.
Curious Construction
Documentary Photography (Gent, Belgium)
Curiosity led me to spend a day with the workers on my old street, and I became friends with them.
First published in 2011.
Kaapverdisch Dansen
Documentary Photography (Gent, Belgium)
Kaapverdie dance is a vibrant and rhythmic dance style originating from the Cape Verde islands. It is characterized by its energetic movements, lively music, and rich cultural influences from African, European, and Latin American traditions.
First published in 2010.
Boğaziçi Sultans
Documentary Photography (Istanbul, Turkey)
I witness the strong bond and team spirit as the players prepare for the game, feel the excitement in the locker room, and see the determination on their faces.
First published in 2016.
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